Our newest scrunchie collection is named 1993 and will be launched this Thursday on August 26th. I usually like to launch on Sundays but this collection is very close to my heart. I am dedicating this collection in the honor of my little sisters birthday August 26th, 1993.

Geraldine and I were three years apart and this year she would have turned 28 years old. Loosing her in 2005 due to cancer has been by far the hardest moment my family and I went through.

I think of her all the time and I cherish all the memories we had together. I’ll never forget the last Christmas we spent together as a family with her in Memphis Tennessee. Geraldine was treated in St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital.

My sister, Ale and I took a Greyhound bus (at age 14 and 17 from VA to TN) and traveled alone for the very first time to go spend Xmas with her and my parents. We were supposed to take flights to Memphis but because we were minors they did not let us fly. So we hoped on a bus and 12 hours later we made it on Christmas Eve (Noche Buena).
While our stay there St. Judes provided us housing and food for our stay. They also provided her with treatment at no cost for the entire time of her stay.

In honor of her memory 50% of profits from this collection (From Launch Day-Aug 31st) will be directly donated towards @stjude 

If scrunchies aren’t your thing and you want to donate you can do it directly by clicking HERE.

Support St.Jude’s mission to help the world understand, treat, and defeat childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.